Inaugural Post- Inspiration Unexpected

In the past two months, I've run into a steady stream of bad luck, and at times it was hard to feel inspired.   Sometimes you search for inspiration and sometimes inspiration just happens, and as they say, a light bulb turns on.  Designers are a different breed, and for them, the light of brilliance is never turned off, simply dimmed.  Sometimes inspiration hits you over the head and everything seems to fall into place.  More often than not, inspiration seems allusive, like a game of cat and mouse.  As a designer, I am constantly amazed at the unexpected sources of inspiration that surface in my own work.  I hope this blog encourages others to realize their own potential and acknowledge the beauty and design in their own lives.

Sometimes it takes picking up the shattered pieces of your car window off the ground in the pouring rain to find inspiration.  This is a sculpture that was created from pieces of my car window after it was broken into.
Photography has the ability to express emotion at any scale.  As a designer, I always photography my work.  Images allow you to transform your work from an object to an experience.  

So, bottom line, find something that you love and do it, and positivity will come as natural as success.


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