Its Just the Dutch in Me

I don't know if its just a coincidence or my own heritage, but I constantly find myself gravitating toward the unique designs produced by the Dutch architecture scene--Rem Koolhaus, Bigdk, MVRDV--and the list goes on!  I admire the formal variety and often unexpected use of materials that characterizes many of the Dutch architects that are beginning to surface.  Zaha Hadid will always be my girl when it comes to a monumental statement in form, so it should come as no surprise that her college professor and first employer was Rem Koolhaus.  As well as these architectural heavy-weights, there are many less known architects that have been grabbing my attention and continue to inspire me.  So, this week, I will highlight a different Dutch architect every day.  I hope they will inspire you as well.

Saxo Bank Headquarters
3XN Architects

Saxo Bank is a young internet bank based in Copenhagen.

Interior, Lobby-- From the exterior, I would have never guessed that the interior looked like this.  3XN Architects were able to combine stark rectilinear forms with an an insane spiral staircase without making it look forced...amazing.

Notice how the facade is leaning inward.  It almost looks as if the many levels are wrapping and peeling away from the facade momentarily before continuing their curve.


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