Ditte Isager

Originally from Copenhagen, Ditte Isager describes her work as. "Nordic simplicity without being cold minimalist"[via].  She has excelled in her eight short years as a professional photographer, and  today, she travels all over the world shooting interiors, lifestyles, personalities, and the occasional editorial.  Of photography, Ditte says, "Its all about composing, cropping, and timing".  Photography and the styling of these photo shoots has a lot to do with the responsibilities of an interior designer.  Its our job to be the visionaries of the spaces we design.  Its about decisions and combining sometimes opposing elements.  We choose how we want others to view the spaces we design, and when executed properly, the results can be truly amazing.  

Danish design has been a huge influence on Ditte Isager's work.  She refers to Denmark as, "a very design oriented country where your home means a lot and people are very much into interiors and architecture"[via].  She says that "it [Danish design] is efficient in a very relaxed way"[via].

Angle is everything in this shot.  Who knows what the rest of this space looks like, but then again, who cares if part of it looks like this.

Details, details.

By carefully selecting lighting and space, Ditte Isager effectively sets the mood in all of her images.  She shoots exclusively with film, not with a digital camera, so with results like these, its clear she's an artist who knows what she wants and how to achieve it.

Sometimes simplicity speaks for itself.

Her attention to detail is essential to achieving the high quality prints she has become known for.

Ditte Isager has an amazing ability of combining textures and colors to create instances in time that you just can't stop looking at.

All images courtesy Ditte Isager [via]


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