Couldn't Resist

I'm off to visit my lovely friend Anna at La Boheme,where I'm lucky enough to be guest posting while she is away on vacation, but before I dash off...

May I present Anja Konstantinova! She's an incredibly 
talented Aussie model who looks good in every color 
trust me! This outfit in particular immediately sent me
 into a design tizzy!  I got so excited, I decided to 
build her a house!

With just the right balance of comfort, glam, and edge.

And Kelly W. came over and gave her these fabulous 
chairs as a house warming present (above).  Which
reminded her of the ones she'd seen at the London 
Airport during one of her trips(below).  

As for the rest of the house, tons of light, wood, raw 
materials and greenery was all that was need to create 
the perfect space for Anja to relax after an exhausting 
day of toting around Gucci and just be fabulous in 

And after such a productive day, building a house and 
all,I thought nothing sounded more enticing than slipping 
into a comfortable chair to watch the sunset...

On the shores of Seine.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed 
the tour :) Have a lovely weekend!

Images via [1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7]


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