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Liquor Store.

Alko flagship store: Remake of a National Brand in Finland.  In Finland, Alko is a government owned company that has the sole right to alcoholic sales with exception of some wine (under 4.7% alc.) sold at Finnish wineries.  To celebrate its 75th Anniversary, Alko redesigned its identity and opened a flagship store in Helsinki.

The brief of the design was "to create a Scandinavian interior that would be functional, modern and stylish...the Flagship itself is contemporary, creating a sense of confidence, calmness, and security". [via]

Aleksi Hautamäki, the designer behind the Flagship store, specializes in interior environments designed with specific branding ideals in mind.  He faced many challenges with the building itself, as it was bombed during WWII, leaving many structural considerations, most notably the inaccessibility of the ceiling.

Another thing that Hautamäki had to keep in mind was the visibility of the liquor from the outside.  In Finland, you can't have hard liquor visible from the shop window.

It just goes to show you that design is everywhere.  And no matter what space you are given, there's always room for creativity and innovation.

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