Al Dente Restaurant

Al Dente Restaurant :: PSLAB Lighting
Beruit, Lebanon

In Italian cuisine, "al dente" is perfection as far as pasta is concerned--not too soft, not too hard.And speaking of perfection...May I present the lighting design of Al Dente Restaurant located in the Albergo Hotel in Beruit, Lebanon.  PSLAB, the masterminds behind this project, are known for their site specific lighting design and installation.

PSLAB utilized various lighting decisions to delineate the different areas and programs of the relatively small space.  Above the bar and secondary hallway, they created a fixture out of superposed brass discs jutting from the ceiling on metal rods.

The continuity of light creates a visual border for the different spatial and programmatic experiences.  It also creates a sense of way-finding, guiding individuals through the space seamlessly.  The materiality adds just the right amount of old world charm and modern innovation.

The dim lighting creates an intimate environment, perfect for an after work cocktail or a quick night cap-- and apparently an amazing working environment.  Do you see how happy she seems to be here? Haha

In the main hall and dining area, the lighting takes a dramatic turn.  Here, PSLAB designed what they describe as metallic "branch-like" chandeliers.  I can definitely see the branch quality of these chandeliers, but I kind of wish they were supposed to represent homemade pasta hanging to dry.  Growing up Italian, this was a common sight...[insert twinge of nostalgia here].  

I love how the designers integrated the lighting into the form of the chandelier itself.  Its such an elegant yet clean design.  And I LOVE the raw appearance of the steel--excellent use of material!  

Anyone care to join me for a glass of vino under these babies?  It sounds like an amazing mid-week day dream, don't you agree?

I hope everyone is having an amazing week all, and continue to think, dream, and design out of the box!
xx to you all :)

Images courtesy PSLAB [via]


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