Baby Got Back!

The Enclave House by the Australian based design team from BKK Architects, is a multi-functional and flexible space designed to transform easily along with the needs of its occupants.  Originally begun as an edition to an old Edwardian House, the rear of this house is truly sensational!  The geometry of the architecture was strategically designed to let in a maximum amount of light while shielding neighboring glances.  Even with all this, they didn't skimp on aesthetics.  With amazing light, beautiful windows, a swimming pool, living area, and a studio space...I think its pretty safe to say "Baby Got Back" :)  Happy Weekend everyone!  Enjoy...

Can you believe that above is the rear, and below is the front facade?  Its a pretty amazing integration of old and new design!

Images courtesy BKK Architects [via]



  1. wonderful find. loads of inspiration. a real 'living' home...plantings, water, light...thanks for sharing. xx


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