Light, Texture, Volume

Created for the Boa Mesa Exhibit, Brazilian architect presented Chef's Kitchen as her take on a contemporary kitchen space.  

The formal qualities of this space as simply incredible.  The different wood selections completely surround you and hug the space and create a sense of intimacy.  The living wall is a refreshing addition.

 The wooden ceiling creates a beautiful sense of movement with its undulating pattern of waves that rhythmically guide the light through the space.

Notice how the sculptural Corian Dupont counter transforms to a bar then a bench before finally being incorporated into the design of the ceiling.

Photos by Demian Golovoty [via]



  1. yes! definitely my kind of hug :) i also wonder whose job it was to stack all the white dishes on the shelves in the first image hehe xx to you both!

  2. definetely my kind of hug too :-) so happy about your comment. hugs to you xx


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