PSLAB Lighting

The designers at PSLAB manage to make a bold statement in a small space with this creative use of lighting at the Burgandy Wine Bar + Restaurant in Beruit.  Founded and based in Lebanon, PSLAB is a collaboration of designers, architects, and engineers with some serious creativity and a love for lighting.  They have an amazing way of looking at the everyday fixture and transforming into something truly unique.  Love. 


Images courtesy PSLAB found [via]



  1. These lights are incredible. I am having a great week! Thanks! I hope you are too. Its been a boggy, hot and humid week here in Va. But we're making due.

  2. the lighting is killer...love the curved ceiling. come on, let's make a date to dine here! xx

  3. Yes, please! Just a short flight to Lebanon to sip some wine...I'm in!!


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