SAOTA in South Africa

After searching through SAOTA's website, I found myself definitely intrigued, and at times speechless!  Part of this speechlessness stems from the name-- Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen--talk about a mouthful.  Thank goodness they're sticking with SAOTA, at least for the time being.  But whatever name they choose to go by, there's one thing for sure,  these guys have got it going on in South Africa!

I love the contrast of the natural wood door amidst the concrete and glass.

Curves, curves

and more curves! I would love to see the CAD on this one...

The stairs cantilever out from the wall and create an elegant decent.

I can only imagine the amazing view from that deck!

Love the graphic details!  They'll be more to come from these guys in the future---guarantee it.
Images courtesy SAOTA [via]



  1. those are awesome! love the design work.

  2. Yeah loving all these curves. Nice flow. That wood door looks really nice with the more synthetic polished cream and charcoal surfaces.

  3. Beautiful! I just started watching Iron Man 2 the other night. This house reminds me of Tony Stark's. And its ok if all you just heard was nerd nerd nerd.


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