KAIT Kobo Workshop

I just did a case study on this project, and couldn't resist sharing it with you all!

The KAIT workshop was designed witht he intension of creating a collaborative and creative space for design and engineering students studying at Kangawa Institute of Technology just outside of Tokyo, Japan.  The architect on the project, Junya Ishigami, aimed to create a space in which the architecture "reveals reality rather than shaping it".

By creating a space in which the occupant is unsure of what the rules are, Ishigami believes that the designs produced within the space will reflect the same type of open-mindedness and forward thinking.

The KAIT workshop creates a dialogue about the perception of boundaries and space.  This dialogue is continued through with the materiality and inclusion of surroundings.  The idea of ambiguity of space is expressed throughout the glass fa├žade.

Because its possible to stand out side of the building and peer through the entire space to the nature beyond, where exactly does the space begin and end?  What exactly determines the areas of programmatic activity and how are the occupants' perceptions of space articulated through their actions?

Images courtesy Junya Ishigami [via]


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  1. i would find it easy to be creative in this space. kudos to junya ishigami. thanks for sharing. xx


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