NOMA Food Lab :: GXN (Innovation unit of 3XN Architects)

Denmark's NOMA Restaurant is constantly being recognized for their innovation in the kitchen, so it should come as no surprise that their new experimental food lab resonates this same type of forward thinking and creativity.  Staying true to the Nordic aesthetic, all materials were specified using local resources, with an overall raw(yet sophisticated) appeal.  But what's truly amazing about this space is the in-house design team, GXN's, ability to create such an amazing and functional spatial experience without as much as pounding a single nail into the floor or walls!  That's right, not a single nail.  Situated in a warehouse on the national registry of protected buildings, the design team had to abide by a very stringent rule set.  You would never know this upon first glance, but check out the amazing use of custom mill work and storage units---definitely a place where creativity is king.

Images by Adam Mork [via]


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