Dream Downtown Hotel :: Handel Architects
New York, New York

I love how the overhang of the entrance peels away from the facade, seducing you inside...creating lovely shadows and patterns along the way.

Ahhh, and circle's best friend--the sphere.  They are abundant as lighting here in the super sexy restaurant/bar and continue to trickle through the hallway to the more private areas of the hotel.

And what circle-loving hotel would be complete without a rock star perforated metal headboard in the bedrooms and portal-like windows looking out to Manhattan? The bright pop art is a nice touch as well.

Silver, shiny, and more silver, even in the restrooms.

The sheen continues outside to the private courtyard, so be sure to bring your sunglasses, as this baby will blind you otherwise!

Blindness = worth it.

Admittedly, I've seen this facade on a number of occasions, but for some reason have never wandered inside.  Well, shame on me because the interior is even more tantalizing than expected.  I can't help think of my dear friend Anna from La Boheme when I see this building. She too is a lover of repetitive elements and one of her faves is circles!  And with Handel Architects in charge of the design of New York's Dream Downtown Hotel in the trendy meat-packing district, there is no shortage of circles here!

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  1. Oh I love it darling! We should go and see it in person. Yeah? OK.


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