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I first introduced Wonderwall a few months back in my Beautiful People post, but couldn't resist sharing another one of their projects with you!  What I love most about this dynamic design firm is their commitment to originality and dedication to the consistency of their designs from start to finish.  Proof is in the pudding, you might say, as they've racked up an impressive number of flagship retail designs-- just check out their website(which, I might add is another fun treat).  The importance of a flagship store is to set the tone for how all other stores  will be designed in the future--no pressure, right?  But, for Wonderwall, these seems like second nature.

The same commitment to excellence is captured in their design for Code Kurkku in Yoyogi Village, Tokyo.  Wonderwall led the design direction of this urban retreat with collaborations from a music producer, "plant hunter", and restauranteur to create a truly unforgettable dining experience.  The restaurant circumnavigates the music bar and lounge creating areas of intimacy and retreat while embracing the natural energy of the urban surround.



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A few lovely images that didn't make it into my posts this week, but I couldn't just keep them from you!  Enjoy!


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Maison L :: Christian Pottgiesser Architectures Possibles

Built just outside of Paris, Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser Architectures incorporates the remains of an 18th Century French Castle. With strict zoning and height limitations, the architects were challenged to create a home that could be equally spacious and private for the family of six.  The solution was not one, but five private structures united by a massive concrete canopy to create living areas and common indoor/outdoor space within the broad circulation.  Using the castle's remains as a starting point for a type of greenhouse effect and meandering green space, the garden unites the home with the plan's open circulation, allowing the occupants to remain in their private quarters or casually wonder from space to space.


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Cocoon Suites :: KLab Architecture

As part of the transformation of the Andronikos Hotel interior on the island of Mykonas, Greece, Athens-based firm, KLab Architecture, has created the Cocoon Suites.  The curved architecture, floating bed, and the warm use of light create a sense of serenity and comfort.  A meandering path of pebbles playfully guides you between rooms and the materiality of the space blends easily into the island backdrop.


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Gisele for Versace Spring 2012 :: by Mert & Marcus

Sensual curves, luscious textures, color, saturation...and just the right amount of bling!  Need I say more?

This just seemed appropriate...

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Hydro-Fold ::  Christophe Guberan

The idea for Hydro-Fold was conceived by designer Christophe Guberan for the 15th Anniversary of SalonSatellite while still an undergrad studying industrial design.  His medium of choice---an everyday ink jet printer and trace paper--shows the natural manipulation of shape that the paper undergoes when saturated with different ink patterns.  The drying process forms contours and reveals these inherent formal tendencies as the trace paper is slowly transformed from 2 to 3-dimensions.

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Skeppsholmen :: John Robert Nilsson

I think my own personal version of heaven can be found in this Swedish holiday home by John Robert Nilsson.  Located just off a lake shore outside of Stockholm, Sweden, this home might just have all the things my little heart desires.  The materiality is exquisite with the large expanses of glass, in addition to limestone, silver white ash, and matte white painted ceilings and walls.  The shell, in contrast, is a rich chocolate hue, adding a touch of sensuality that is continued throughout.  The space planning of the interior is rather impressive as well--no walls!(well except for the restrooms)---just partitions strategically parallel or perpendicular to each other.  Sigh....


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