Casa Albanese :: ASA Studio Albanese
Pantelleria, Italy

This summer retreat by ASA Studio Albanese is referred to by the owner and architect as an "innocent" design.  Working with portions of an existing building juxtaposing the volcanic surround, this sun kissed adobe is a graceful intervention on a small isle just off the shore of Italy. Gauze-like fabric drapes effortlessly through the space to provide shade and transitions to public and private space while an open floor plans allows guests to move easily from space to space.  The indoor/outdoor component of this villa epitomizes island living and the abundance of seating encourages conversations at every turn.





1960s Plymouth XNR

Alright boys, and ladies you too...Behold!  The 1960s Plymouth XNR.  Originally designed to compete the growing popularity of the Corvette at this time.  Streamlined design meets asymmetry meets a little Va-Va Vroom!  Check out this site to find out more info about one of these bad boys, formerly owned by the Shah of Iran, that will be auctioned off later this summer.

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The Heroine :: Alexander McQueen
w/ Bonus videos below of his 2012 Autumn/Winter & 2012 Spring/Summer Collections from the Paris runways

The unconventional and often controversial Alexander McQueen was dubbed by some in the fashion industry as the new enfant terrible.  His uncompromising approach to design and ruthless originality earned him numerable honors and created a legacy for his fashion house that will far surpass his untimely death in 2010.

Alexander McQueen - 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection Video (Paris Runway) from Trevor Undi on Vimeo.

Alexander McQueen - 2012 Spring/Summer Fashion Video (Paris Runway) from Trevor Undi on Vimeo.

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Enjoying bright colors, nature, and keeping things in perspective.  Happy Saturday!

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Benidorm West Beach Promenade :: Office of Architecture (OAB)
Barcelona, Spain

The Benidorm West Beach Promenade, conceived by OAB in Barcelona has got to be one of the happiest civic interventions that I've seen in quite some time. The singular building material, white concrete, is complemented with honeycomb shaped finish tiles in various colors and textures designed to catch the light in a unique way, and give the promenade "a lifestyle of its own" (in OAB's words).  Although the promenade's primary goals were to protect built up areas from sea breaks and organize traffic flow, OAB has managed to achieve this and much more while retaining a sense of playfulness suitable for this seaside location.

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Nettleton 199 :: OKHA Interiors
Clifton, Capetown

With the goal of maintaining the connection to not only the sea, but the mountains, OKHA Interiors has created a dynamic environment within Nettleton 199.  Volumetric and open spaces give this residence a sense of grandeur, while the soft interior finishes and palette work nicely with the large expanses of glass to convey an overall welcoming and settled interior space. I think I could deal with this view for a bit...

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Harry Winston :: Opus V Crown
by Felix Baumgartner

Made in a limited collection of only 100 pieces, its not hard to understand the sensational reaction this timepiece received. As for the design: The three little cubes each with four numbers, are arranged like satellites on a three-dimensional rotating system, displaying the hour as they rotated around two axes. The crown, concealed behind an ingenious click-spring part swivels upwards, exactly like the gull-wing door of a racing car, and the service indicator on the back of the watch, which graduates from 0 to 5 years lets the wearer know when it is time to take the watch in for maintenance.  If this doesn't wake you up with design goosebumps I'm not sure what will. 

"2001 Marked the beginning of the Opus Series at Harry Winston.  A Human Story, a unique creative adventure in the field of fine watchmaking, a technical exploration...Opus is all of these things at once, and more. It is a combination of creativity, genius, and expertise. It is an incredible platform on which the most unbelievable ideas take shape, and the rare talents that usually remain in the dark are brought out into the light of day. The Opus Concept is one of sharing." (quoted from the Harry Winston website)
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