Over the past few months, I have become mildly obsessed with two seemingly unrelated things-- the culture of regional cuisine and the art of collage. You might be asking yourself how these two art forms could possibly have any relation, so let me do my best to explain. See, both regional cuisine and collage rely on artist's(or chef's) ability to overcome the challenge of working with existing conditions. On the food side of things, if the cuisine is truly regional, one must rely on what the land is willing to provide. What is the weather like? The climate? What types of crops are supported by the ground? You can imagine how the list goes on. The chef selects specific ingredients, determines portions, and crafts a process to create a the final dish. Likewise, collage is about relationships and more often than not involves existing conditions. As seen in the images below, the artists were responsible for creating collages that were evocative of a certain mood, a certain style. The images were handcrafted by the artists who decided which regions to collage, the portions, the patterns
to combine, etc. I guess its the habit of any designer to draw conclusions, make connections, and see possibilities that might otherwise get over looked. 

Soak in the world babes, its really quite the beautiful place :)


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