Let There Be Light

Lighting is by far one of the most important elements to consider as a designer.  Light, both natural and artificial, has the undeniable ability to transform a space into a place.  It creates serenity, drama, and even romance.  Some designers such as self-taught architect Tadao Ando have mastered the control of natural light.  Others, such as James Turrell, prefer the theatricality of artificial light.  Regardless of the type of light, designs can be made or broken by the quality and attention paid to the lighting by the designer.  Take a look at some of these amazing examples of the power(and simplicity) of light and its role in design.

The next few images are some of the amazing work of Tadao Ando.  As I mentioned earlier, he's a self-taught architect with a natural passion for design.  He gained much of his knowledge from hanging out at construction sights and observing, sketching what he saw.  Today, he is a world renowned architect with a distinguishable characteristic.  Talk about dedication!

Sayamaike Historical Museum, Japan

International Library of Children's Literature, Japan

And just for fun, one of James Turrell's amazing sky windows...


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