24-7 Loft

How was everyone's weekend? Relaxing I hope :) It was beautiful here in San Francisco, so I spent much of my time outside enjoying the weather, and searching for goodies for you of coarse!  Well, today you are in luck, because I have a very special treat to start the week off right and get you inspired for everything to come...

The 24-7 Loft by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associates in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a bungalow style oasis which focuses on incorporating the exterior environment within.

"Being inside feeling like one is outside. I believe that to be a key issue in understanding the interior design being produced today. In times when environmental awareness is growing, and, of course, also the desire to be close to nature." -Fernanda Marques

Can anyone see the Mies Van der Rohe in this home?  

The immense amount of light and use of natural materials create a soothing palette and a sense of spacial continuity.  High gloss furniture + limestone floor+ leather= ahhhhhh

The plush rug and upholstery make this bedroom feel so inviting and cozy, even though its nearly all wood and glass.  The light reflecting on the ceiling planks is pretty amazing too! And the pendant above the desk--yes, please!

I love the pattern and texture the books create with their slight tonal variation.  And look at the art--pretty cool, huh? And mis-matched nightstands...I am liking :)

Light, light, and more light!  What an amazing indoor/outdoor space.

And in case you were wondering, the back patio is just as amazing!  That sofa and fireplace are calling my name.  Thank you Fernanda! Let's start this week out right, and stay inspired, shall we? 

Images courtesy Fernanda Marques Archuitetos Associates [via] 



  1. Lovely house I keep enjoying it every time I see it. Thanks for visiting & glad you left a comment to find your nice blog.

  2. Fernanda is an exceptional architect, her projects are wonderful. I had the oportunity to visit this edition of Casa Cor São Paulo and I have no words to describe how fantastic this place was.

  3. Wow! What an amazing experience, I'm sure! Its great to know this place is as fantastic in person as it looks :)

  4. The first image caught my eye...in love with the wood paneling. Just gorgeous. xx

    p.s. so nice meeting you for a few seconds at intelligensia with Anna in Venice!


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