Dorothy, We are NOT in Kansas...

Twister Restaurant by Sergey Makho and Vasiliy Butenko

I'm not sure if this is exactly what Auntie Em had in mind when she heard Dorothy screaming about a Twister, but there's one thing for sure about the Twister Restaurant in Kiev, its definitely from a different world!  With its key inspirations referencing the natural phenomenons of a tornado and rain, your eyes and mind never stop spinning and wondering how the heck they came up with this!

Sergey Makho and Vasiliy Butenko have completed residential projects in addition to their commercial spaces, but what's really interesting is their sculptural approach to interiors.  A warm color palette of beige, orchre, garnet, and brown extend throughout the interior, and the cushy seats are meant to represent cones.

The wood planks and thatched branch wall give the impression that you are secure inside a bird's nest, and makes the whole space feel seriously connected to nature....seriously.

The droplet-shaped pendants, meant to represent falling rain, cascade down from the ceiling and unite the double height restaurant and bar.

The fluidity of the architecture is a great complement to the overall concept of the space.  Occupants are swooped up by the curves of the booth creating an organic configuration and natural path of circulation.

But in case you have your doubts about this unique design, there's one thing's for sure---these cozy chairs could double as a chew toy, so I bet Toto would feel right at home :)


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