Antonio Cardillo and Sergio Rossi

In 2010, Antonio Cardillo teamed up with Italian shoe designer, Sergio Rossi, to create and unforgettable temporary retail store in Milan.  Akin to a theater like setting, Antonio Cardillo artistically portrays Sergio Rossi's attention to detail and quest for perfection in his designs.

The Ephemeral Store was built using the "space within a space" technique. This same method of building has been used by architects for centuries.   Cardillo fully constructed this temporary installation building within an existing, permanent space.

Cardillo combined lighting and custom designed storage and shelving, presenting Rossi's designs with a sort of provocative elegance.

Antonio Cardillo utilized existing structural columns in his design to add a slight industrial feeling.

Carefully placed windows frame the city beyond allowing for a natural backdrop that complements the space perfectly.

Images by Antonio Cardillo [via]


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