Architectural Intervention: Monika Grzymala

Originally a sculpture, Polish born Monika Gryzmala, was encouraged to explore the medium of line drawing after a professor commented that she seemed more interested in the formation of an object than the object itself.  Her work quickly leapt off the page and evolved into the three-dimensional drawing that she is noted for today.

Each of Gryzmala's installations are sight specific, taking into account the volume, shape, lighting, and texture of the existing space.  This particular installation, inspired by the London skyline, stretches and wraps around the space, through hallways and around a pillar.

According to Monika, her favorite part of any installation is the "moment when drawing becomes sculpture".  Just such a moment is captured here.  The line between two and 3D is blurred as the drawing  peels away from the wall.

Her medium of choice is tape...of any kind and any color.  The slight difference in color and the subtle translucency of this medium creates an amazing experience for the viewer.  Its also a very practical choice, allowing her installations to exists seamlessly.

The tension and sense of movement created by her gradation techniques and carefully placed strips is really amazing!

Images via [1, 2, 3-5]


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