A Delicious Cup of Joe [Fletcher]

If you aren't already familiar with photographer Joe Fletcher, its about time for you to meet!  Joe Fletcher has an incredible body of work, specializing in architectural and interior photography. His images are crisp, and his lighting is impeccable. He beautifully incorporates the natural setting of his sites and has the ability to transform minimal spaces into luxurious visual experiences.

Joe is really aware of the architecture and the intent of design here.  Here, he captures level changes, shifts in material and texture, and the carefully placed window--all elements that are essential to the personality of the space.

It doesn't hurt that Joe has some pretty amazing designs to work with!  Check out the beautiful blown-glass lamps, the raw steel facing on the wall, and the concrete and wood scattered throughout the design.  Add a couple velvet sofas, a cozy rug, and a ridiculously beautiful back-drop and your pictures better be amazing!

And sometimes its all about the angle...

Joe is even able to transform a typical (alright, not completely typical) office space from great to amazing with his interesting angles and careful positioning.

All images courtesy Joe Fletcher Photography [via]


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