Paper Trail

I believe you're truly a designer when you can look at the everyday, whatever your everyday may look like, and imagine it as the best possible version of itself.  And sometimes, with a lot of hard work and usually a little luck, the ideas you fantasize about in our head actually become reality.  So, here's to us--all the day dreamers and designers who look at the everyday and see this:

de culinaire werkplaats by MarjoleinWint Jes & Eric Meuring is a sensational line of edible paper.  This little goodie is a taste of the designer's deli.wear installation created for Dutch Design Week. [via]

Krystie Rose creates unique butterfly shadow boxes by hand out of recycled magazine paper cut-outs.[via]

Another edible paper creation by the talented MarjoleinWint Jes & Eric Meuring.  This particular piece was made from onions and red wine.  I'm not sure how good that would taste, but it looks fabulous![via]

Hanna Nyman has created a unique line of origami wallpaper, lighting and accessories that add a unique texture to any interior space.[via]

The Cabbage Chair is a new addition to the world of interiors from the Japanese designers Nendo.  The chair itself is made from the waste papers of the pleated textile industry and requires no nails, screws, or hardware of any sort.  This is a pretty amazing example of adaptive re-use![via]

These designers have taken paper, a resource available to just about anyone, and transformed it into beautiful works of art, unique pieces of furniture, and yes, even yummy treats!  So, I guess we should think twice before we toss that gum wrapper in the trash!


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