A Peach is a Peach...

Alright, I'll be the first to admit that peach is not for everyone--the fruit as well as the color.  The fruit can be high maintenance, and generally takes some planning in order to eat.  If you decide to eat the fruit whole, good luck, because sticky fingers and messy clothes are in your immediate future.  If you decide to slice it first, there's the whole production of taking the pit out first which is usually clinging to the peach for dear life...or...slicing around the pit, which will also lead to the aforementioned sticky situation.  So, needless to say, peach can get a bad wrap.  Especially in design, people tend to abuse peach, and the usual result is disastrous!  But, in the spirit of good nature, let's give peach another shot, shall we?

If you're looking for someone who's not afraid to use peach, check out one of San Francisco's up and coming firms, Jeffers Design Group.  They offer a unique take on this tough color, from pops in curtains to fully saturated walls...here's a peak

Courtesy Jeffers Design Group [via]

Of course, we never have to worry about Kelly Wearstler.  She's one girl who's not afraid to use color and definitely to take a chance on designing against the curve.  These next 3 images help cast a different light on our rejected color with a pinky-peach in the first two, and a light dusting on the floor in the third.

Images courtesy Kelly Wearstler [via]

And sometimes, that little necessary pop of color just happens.  This tabby knew just what this monochromatic kitchen needed...sure its slightly more orange, but its helping me prove my point, so I'll take it!

And, of course, we would never question our darling COCO, would we?  In this case, peach definitely makes the cut!  So, the next time you write off a color, swear off a showroom, or vow to never use ___________ in your designs....


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