Fearless Confidence

Great designers aren't afraid to take risks when everyone else is playing it safe.  Have the confidence to stand by your designs when others think you're crazy. You might come out on top or you might fall flat on your face, but either way, your guaranteed to stand out! So here's to taking risks, dreaming big, and doing things a little(or a lot) different!  

Make a statement

Pay attention to details

And when in doubt, go graphic!

With these in mind, sensational design is sure to follow.
Images via [1, 2, 3]



  1. no risk here...a sure thing! wonderful post. xx

  2. i really like the scale of the artwork above the bed...

  3. Can you tell me if the woman in the first picture tripped after getting her dress caught in her heel? I know...I'm a dork. It is looking great.

  4. my fav post on your blog! wonderful!!!

    happy new week to you!


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