Ying Lao

A while back, I had the honor of doing a guest post for the very talented Anna of La Boheme.There, I gave a sneak peek of fashion designer, Ying Gao.  I couldn't help but share more of her amazing designs with you today.  For me, this is a perfect mid-week breath of fresh air--I  hope it can be the same for you....Her ability to express form with limited material is quite amazing!

From her "Playtime" collection
Material: Super Organza

Materials: Leather, Super Organza, Electronic devices
This dress will have you saying, "Lights, Camera, ACTION"(literally!).  The dress contains hundreds of hidden motors equipped with light sensors that change the structure of the dress in reaction to different lighting conditions.

living pod, interactive coats from ying gao on Vimeo.

Images courtesy Ying Gao[via]  You can also check out her blog, ├ža va aller 


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  1. I am trying to imagine what it would feel like to wear one of these....I think it might feel like I am floating? Gorgeous! xx


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