The idea behind this breath-taking Icelandic vacation home was to take into account the distinctively different landscapes in all directions of the site.  With Casa G's unique position, the north captures a view of the mountains, the south view is of the sea and islands, to the east, glaciers, and to the west, a river and canyons.  

The tilting and slightly curved wall is the architect's interpretation of the glacier.  I love how you can see the light cove mimicking the curve from the outside.

The only window on the east wall is huge!  It is meant to frame the view of the glaciers to focus the visual experience.

Its amazing to think that these designs were created by an office consisting of only 5 employees!

Concrete and glass...it couldn't be more perfect than in this application.  I love the light creeping out from beneath the landing--nice touch.

I love the materiality and simplicity of design.  The natural wood and lighting combined with the amazing views keep the home feeling clean and modern without coming across too cold.  The sheep help too :)

Love the mantle detail and the monochromatic effect of the flooring, sofas. and mullions.

There is no need to say how amazing these next couple of shots are.  Amazing perspectives!

Simple. Clean. Minimal.
Love the panels in contrasting directions.

Here's to a great start to the week!  I hope yours is filled with good things and great design.
Images courtesy Gudmundur Jonsson [via]



  1. And that is what heaven looks like. What a find Kat! They have piano too....yep, heaven. xoxo

  2. Is that a sheep on the second floor? When you design our vacation home I am opting for no livestock in the house.

  3. There's something very Le Corbusier here.

  4. I love the monochromatic effect in the living room, gorgeous!

  5. LOOK AT THAT PIANO! What a great space. I'm such a sucker for light. I love those windows. But here's a question: How do you balance having huge beautiful windows like that with safety? I feel, in some ways, that living in a city i'd be afraid to HAVE so much glass.

  6. Anna- yes! I thought of you immediately when I saw the piano!!!
    Mark- no, sheep are included in ALL of my designs haha!
    Chantal- the monochromatic living room is one of my favorite parts too:) I love that they chose to do it in a dark color too! You see a lot of all white space(which I love, of coarse) but not often dark
    Ta-agreed! Living in the city definitely has its advantages, but all that glass is hard to manage! As well as safety, this much glass in the city is a serious energy suck! In order to keep the interior environment from becoming too hot or too cold is quite the challenge when all sides are made of glass! So maybe we should stick with the "out in the middle of nowhere" type places for this!

    Hugs xx to you all! Glad you enjoyed this as much as I did!

  7. Should be nice to play piano here !


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