L3P Architekten in Switzerland

L3P Architekten :: Wingert, Oberweningen ZH, Switzerland

"The materialization of the façade and roof add to the monolithic overall picture and allows constant pauses for a moment.  When one takes a moment, one realizes: something is responding and developing a puerility from itself.  Something new is forming from the etching.  It is growing.  It lives." -Thomas Sonderegger(designer of the façade)

The above quote is a quite the act to follow, but in my opinion, this home definitely does not disappoint.  Designed by L3P Architekten in conjunction with sculpture Thomas Sonderegger, these two single-occupancy homes are a much needed modern addition to this development in Switzerland.

With a focus on materiality, the façade was constructed with panels of galvanized steel and large expanses of glass that seamlessly interact with minimal interior environment.

Concrete is the primary interior material, both unfinished and polished, and is broken up with crisp white accents and natural wood.

Storage is integrated into the construction of the interior millwork in an attempt to maintain functionality of the space while sticking to its minimal roots.

Light is carefully controlled to emphasis the form of the home.

Artificial light is crafted in such a way that it kisses the concrete like sunlight, creating an irresistible invitation of accent.

The only splash of color comes from this sprout green millwork.  The form is a cohesive with the rest of the home, and mimics the surrounding landscape.

But by far my favorite part of this home is the point at which elements come together and the intention of the architect and designer are seen in their greatest light.  Carefully planned reflecting pools create a sense of serenity in the limited area between these two living environments.

Elaborate skylights create almost a spiritual experience as the natural light is funneled inside.

Images by L3P Architekten [via]


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  1. a delight to read this post! love the way you write, Kat..."elaborate skylights create almost a spiritual experience" big hugs


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