Serenity in Zanzibar

Hirsch Bedner Associates ::  Residence Zanzibar
All Villa Luxury Resort

Let's take a little trip, shall we?  To Zanzibar...

Hirsch Bedner Associates is world renowned for their luxury interiors and resorts, and the Residence Zanzibar definitely follows suit.

Positioned a stone's throw from the beach and boasting 66 villas, the Residence is the ultimate way to get away from it all! 

Each villa has its own private terrace and swimming pool...pretty rough, huh?

The architecture and interiors combine a colonial theme with modern execution and amenities, helping the resort to peacefully coexist with its surroundings, adding to the overall sense of serenity and relaxation. 

The indoor/outdoors spaces merge seamlessly creating a sense of casual elegance.

Private massage anyone???

Soft golden hues are used in the suites to continue the soothing and natural aesthetic.

Here's a modern touch with the super-glossy tub and insane glazing...

And the view from your room isn't bad either!

Just a little mid-week delight!
Images courtesy Hirsch Bedner Associates [via]


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