Sometimes having one, simple, direct spatial intervention is all you need to create a truly unforgettable atmosphere.

The challenge of this space was to create two different programmatic activities in a relatively small space.  The modeling agency needed an area for the receptionist and clients, but also a place to take quick photos when models come in for an interview.  By graphically designating space with bold stripes of black and yellow, the eye creates just as much designation of space as there would be if a wall would have been in place.  In reality, the two spaces are separated by nothing more than a transparent industrial curtain.

Berlin Headquarters

Pott Architects created a collaborative office with open communication for Duetsche Grammophon, a German recording company know for its recordings of Classical music.  I really respect not only the architects, but also the clients for projecting themselves into modernity even in a house with great respect for the classics.  The juxtaposition of two very different positions says, "Hey, we've still got it".

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