With as busy as I've been these last few months(well, really this whole year!), I wasn't able to go home for Thanksgiving.  So, here's a little bit of love from me to you from my home state of Colorado!  I hope you enjoy the view as much as I do...

Franktown Ranch :: Sexton Lawton Architecure

Situated in the rural town of Franktown, this remote horse ranch takes full advantage of its surroundings with large expanses of glass to frame the views and an emphasis on natural materials as a reference to its surroundings.  You might be thinking, where are the mountains?  Well, this home was specifically positioned to take advantage of the views of Pike's Peak and the Rocky Mountains.  In these images, the mountains are located on out of site, but in certain places where the sun looks as if its trying to creep into the frame, you can get a  little reference of their western location.  Fear not, I will have plenty of images from my trip home in less than a month!

Images by Raul J. Garcia [via]


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  1. i n c r e d i b l e! just saved it in my dream file... Happy Wednesday to you, Kat!

    bi hug


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