House of Depth :: FORM | Kouichi Kimura
Shiga, Japan

Built on lot a 10 meters wide by 23 meters deep, the challenge of this project became the ability to create privacy and intimacy without generating a claustrophobic  space and tight circulation.  Line of sight is intentionally controlled, and at some points stopped abruptly in order to create a transition of space, and in some places indicates a shift in materials.

The simple color palette and honesty of materials speaks to the traditions of Japanese design and upholds the minimalist aesthetic.

The interplay between indoor and outdoor space simultaneously create the sense of openness and enclosure or privacy, and the careful control of the ceiling heights reinforce these ideas.

Stark contrasts in materiality indicate areas of transitions, and the selection of materials and texture, most notably the sheen (notice how sheen on the walls looks continuous) make these transitions feel seamless however drastic they may be.

A darker palette is utilized in more privatized areas, and the ceiling height is once again used to generate a sense of intimacy.

The overall sense of the house is dramatic, intimate, and refined.  The use of materials is very specific and the areas of transition are crucial in order to uphold the evocative nature of the design.

Images by Takumi Ota [via]


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