So, as a resident of San Francisco, I must admit that I'm a little partial to Ghiradelli Chocolate, but the design for the Godiva store in Harajuku is so fun that I couldn't resist sharing it with you.  It is literally dripping with chocolatey goodness with fun design twists at every turn!

I can't decide what I like better--the floating stair affect or the unusual wainscoting.  I love how the wood grain continues through the gooey drips of chocolate--such an unexpected addition that totally makes this milk white walkway that much better.

And I absolutely love the detail on the stair landing! 

I feel like this little Godiva delight would fit right in with its surroundings.

Store Images [via]
Chocolate via [1,2,3]


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  1. the Godiva store is fantastic but I love the Ghiradelli Chocolate too although I m actually a Bulgarian citizen :) best for the holidays, Kat

    BIG hugs



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