Insólito Boutique Hotel :: Búzios, Brazil

After soaking up as much art and design as we possibly could at the Casa Cor Rio, I figured we might check into a little shoreline boutique hotel to enjoy some r+r.  The Insólito Boutique Hotel, located 105 miles NE of Rio de Janeiro seemed to fit the bill just fine.

With the perfect Brazilian combination of vibrancy, sex appeal, and natural elements, this boutique oasis strikes just the right balance between comfort and elegance, exclusivity and approachability.  With the interiors designed by owner/art curator, Emmaneulle Meeus de Clermont Tonnerre, after just a glance, it becomes quite clear that she knows about much more than double letters.  Notice how the delicate silhouettes of the chairs emulate the decals(by André Diniz) on the window.  If you're thinking that's just happenstance, think again!  Designers actually know what they're doing sometimes ;).

Moving inside, the hotel maintains its weightless appearance with the dominance of white, contrasted by bolder accents and art.  Natural wood and stone support the natural surroundings and give the overall sensibility of the space a refreshing edge.

And its the little oddities that make resort design so much fun!  I always love this lounge, although for some reason it always looks like a pregnant woman in a muumuu.  Just saying.

The simplicity of the outdoor seating compliments the natural elements of the design and places the emphasis on the hotel's beautiful surroundings  When you can, let nature do the work for you!

Feeling refreshed and ready for the next adventure?!  Where to next?

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