Rui Grazina :: Private House
Barcelos, Portugal

Rui Grazina, the architect behind this private home design in Portugal, was focused on respecting the topological nature of the site while maintaining a modern, minimal aesthetic.  Nestled in the hills of Barcelos, the home emerges from a slope, creating a sense of intimacy and retreat.  The footprint of the structure was meant to account for both foot and motor traffic, so paths share a common vanishing point and destination.  Windows were strategically positioned in the rear in order to maximize the sense of privacy and capitalize on available views.  The minimalist aesthetic is carried through to the primarily black and white interior, framed perfectly by the architecture.  Shades of grey, an occasional wood floor, and pops of color in the furniture continue the dialogue between the indoor and outdoor space, where, in both cases, nature is always present.

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  1. loving the minimalist aestethic of this home. so glad to read your message, Kat! Happy Friday and a big hug


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