Today I'm appreciating the work of Oakland, CA based artist Bret Amory and his series "Waiting", which "depicts the urban individual's yearning for presence and the seaming impossibility of attaining it". Begun in 2001 while Amory was still in school, the "Waiting" series has since evolved into something truly breathtaking. A quick stop by Amory's website is worth your time as it demonstrates wonderfully the evolution of not only the series, but the growth of the artist as an individual.

"I have developed favored motifs in the series, a kind of visual music, such as repetition of a human image, to show not only the passage of time but of the human being through it". Brett Amory

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  1. ethereal and kind of haunting...love it.

  2. 'waiting'...the word alone evokes an emotional response from me. love this series...on my way to the artist website. thank you for sharing. have a great weekend, kat. xx

  3. Hey Kat!
    Love your blog - architecture and art, a great combination. Guess I'm your follower #17! :-)

    Have a great week

    - Dom


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