Klein Bottle House :: McBride Charles Ryan (MCR)

Australian based architects, MCR, revisted the experimental geometry common to many of the Melbourne homes of the 1950's with their design of the Klein Bottle House.  This vacation home located outside of Melbourne is designed around a central staircase which allows a visual connection of interior to exterior throughout the space.  The home, upon approach, remains nestled within the hills, but once you are near, the form expresses a certain unrestricted playfulness. 

So what exactly is a "Klein Bottle" anyway?  A klein bottle can basically be described as a non-orientable surface--a 2-dimensional manifold in which neither right nor left can be distinguished.  Thanks Wiki, but I'm more of a visual person, so check out this image below to get a better idea of where these architects started for inspiration.

Images via [1-6, 7]


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