Fashion Portraiture :: Anja Van Herle and Jessica Rae Sommer

Ladies, ladies, ladies...you two should really get together! So this is my message to you:
I found myself falling in love with two LA based painters/artist today-- both with insane talent and control of their medium with a love for fashion and the expressions of the female face. Their works are a combination of attitude, seduction and layering...and often a little humor, and I just can't get enough of their portfolios. Anja Van Herle (first 3)  blends high fashion with story-telling. Her portraits always seem a little mischievous, but definitely the type of girlfriend you want on your side! And Jessica Rae Sommer's depiction of emotion through posture, materiality, and especially her subjects eyes is pretty incredible. Jessica uses a variety of media...and bonus---she's trained in interior design!  Both are rock stars in my book, so please enjoy!

Anja Van Herle

Jessica Rae Sommer

Images via [1-3, 4-7]


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