Out of Site :: Mission Cultural Center

Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to design and build this structure in conjunction with SF based non-profit, Out-of-Site, who provides art and design education free of charge to high schoolers whose schools' funding have been cut. I worked along side an amazing team of students from California College of the Arts to come up with this beauty...

FLUIDEZ responds to designing a float for the 2012 San Francisco Carnaval Parade. The annual theme, "Crossing Borders, Bridging Cultures" combined with local cultural celebrations such as the Year of the Water Dragon provided the departure point for the initial design iterations. The formal articulation was conceived intuitively through a series of physical and 3-dimensional models, and was carefully refined in response to structural considerations and dimensional constraints. The resulting exoskeleton merges a free form with a geometric grid, creating a sense of tension and playful drama, embodying the culture of Carnaval. The desire for homogeneous materiality surfaced early in the design process as a way of evoking a sense of continuity and movement that would support the structure's dual purpose--a kinetic sculpture moving through the city on parade and as an installation piece designed to spatialize a gallery, creating both interior and exterior environments. Through a series of experimental material explorations, birch plywood was selected as the primary material. The final design is a culmination of intuitive design formed by structural considerations and refined by qualities inherent to the chosen materiality and the process of making.

Lead designers and project managers-- myself and Chris Baas of Fathom & Form

Work and Images via Kat VanCleave
For more about our process, check out this album


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