kooSH :: Kat VanCleave
Material Exploration + Surface Development

Here's a glimpse at some of my latest material explorations...

kooSH is the result of an investigatory exploration into the haptic realm and the socially perceived boundaries of personal space and interaction. The desire to create an immersive environment surfaced early in the process with the goal of detaching the individual from the normal confines of urban life and space. Research of and investigation into the socially acceptable allocations of space and that of preconception aided in developing the vehicle in which these explorations could be tested. A heightened sensitivity to the haptic realm was expressed through a series of tangible material explorations designed to achieve a phenomenological spatial experience. The resulting surface is a fantastical manifestation of enticement and sensuality rooted in humans' inherent curiosity of the unusual and the intimate sense of connection developed by and strengthened through touch.

And of coarse Anna, the second half of ROVVEL was there to support me! We're cookin' up some goodies for you right with this surface.

Images and work via Kat VanCleave


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