Texture and Light

     Tadao Ando is probably best known for his use of light and his preference to concrete.  Although he has no formal training as an architect, Tadao Ando has risen to the top of his field and is world renowned for many of his designs.  It is said that his interest in architecture and light started around the age of 14 when his home was be rebuilt.  A hole in the roof was allowing light to shine through, but just slightly.  Tadao Ando was intrigued, and I think we can all agree that his curiosity paid off.  Below are images of the Tokyo Jewel Box, a joint effort between many designers, but most notably Tadao Ando and Olaf Eliasson.

Eliasson is responsible for the selection and design of the tiles, made of both concrete and  platinum.  Tadao Ando was skeptical of the tiles at first, but Eliasson has done an amazing job of completely transforming the interior courtyard.

Wow! Talk about some serious texture!  And let's not forget the lighting effects.  Between Tadao Ando and Olaf Eliasson, the possibilities seem to be endless.

Without any formal training in architecture, Tadao Ando learned most of his skills by observations.  He would often "camp out" at construction sights and sketch everything he observed.  I don't know about you, but I've never seen any construction site that looks like this!

For the bar, Ando worked with a designer to create a table and bench that were made out of slabs of optical glass.  In addition to the bar, the Tokyo Jewel box is home to two art galleries, and a ceremonial tea room among other activities.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for this expression of architecture and design.  Enjoy these for now, and expect more to come!



  1. I love this project! When I first saw it in Interior Design magazine the thought was "WOW!" Not a thought really I guess, but just real amazement at their vision. So cool.

  2. first picture is my 3d render



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