A Bug's (platinum) Life

The Caterpillar House boasts as the first LEED platinum house on the central California coast.  A collaboration between Architect Jonathon Feldman, JDG for the interiors, and Joni Janecki + Associates responsible for landscape design, the result is an oh so soothing, perfect combination of natural and modern elements.  With a breath-taking view as a built-in back drop, the design successfully incorporates in the outside within, without feeling "rustic'...mission accomplished in my book, but I'll let you be the judge.

I love the "caterpillar" landscaping detail between the concrete stairs.

Even from the exterior, the formal qualities of the architecture naturally frame the surroundings.

Bold moments, such as the one seen in the art here, combine perfectly with more traditional elements to reinforce the overall nature of the design.  Well done JDG.

By keeping the colors of the interior relatively similar with slight tonal shifts, the resulting palette carries a certain elegance and sophistication while remaining approachable.

By using natural elements on the interior and large expanses of glass, the necessary structural framing melts away into the backdrop.

And just when you think you have it all figured out, they go super minimal and modern in the bathroom.  This is one collaboration that definitely has my vote!
All images courtesy Jeffers Group Design [via]


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  1. Just fell out of my chair a little. Blown away.


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