Minimalists often get pigeon-holed into this "white box, cold aesthetic".   Rammed earth construction allows a new take on this beautiful, simple aesthetic by warming up the palette. 
This beautiful rammed earth construction utilizes an ancient building technique which inherently has many design advantages, modern and otherwise.  Because of the wall's density of sedimentary rock, it is not only aesthetically appealing, it is also nearly 100% sound proof, easily adaptable for thermal control, and seismically sound. 

When you think rammed earth, think Great Wall of China.  This type of construction is durable to stay the least.  Modern rammed earth construction utilizes a mechanical process to compress the layers of sedimentary rock which accounts for the horizontal striping.

Rammed earth construction is often combined with concrete to create an utterly irresistible minimalist environment with the negative cold, white box connotation.  Below are images of architect Rick Joy's desert home in Arizona.  One of the many advantages of rammed earth construction in a desert environment is excellent thermal control.

I'm a sucker for this type of "in between" area.  Its almost like a private desert alley!  The contrast of the rammed earth wall on one side and the massive expanses of glazing on the other side creates a natural elegance and sense of luxury.

I love these designers' new take on the idea of "honesty of material".  Good-bye rustic, adobe desert getaway and hello simple, beautiful and natural.

Images via [1, 2, 3, 4-7]


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  1. Nice! I loved when Commune LA used "honesty of materials" in their presentation. Totally have that in my notes too :)


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