Constructed on the exterior of a parking structure in Santa Monica is this unique sculpture by Ball Nogue Studios.  Made of hundreds of stainless steel spheres individually tensioned and attached to the structure with ultra thin steel wire, the uniques gravities of each sphere create an unexpected addition and art form for passers-by.

Designed with the ideals of sphere packing in mind, computer technology was utilized in the design to determine both the diameter of the sphere as well as the length of each individual wire.

The resulting form acts like a giant fly eye with multiple skewed reflections of observers and their surroundings.

The addition of this organic composition to a very rectilinear structure creates a formal tension and juxtaposition that causes the eye to linger much longer than it would otherwise.

And on top of all that, its just fun, isn't it?

Weekend task: Enjoy the beauty of the unexpected and embrace the possibilities of the unknown.

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  1. How cool looking. i love things like that. at my college we had a giant sundial and based on its construction if you stomp on the middle of it...it sang to you. It would make little squeaking sounds. I never got tired of it. I think this would absolutely be the same.


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