Deng :: Open Exhibition Gallery
Bejing, China

Deng, and open exhibition gallery created by Hong Kong based studio, Cheungvogl, who describes architecture as "the structure of anything", was designed as a space for emerging artists to showcase their work.  The simplicity of the design allows the art to remain as the main focus of the space, while adding an additional layer of artistic expression through the use of various surfaces--the unique "blank canvas" wall and the high gloss floor.  Cheungvogl, a studio highly interested in the relationship between time, art, architecture, and memories has created a space in Deng which simultaneously seems to freeze time and evolve.  Amazing.

"The ambiguiity between art and memories is not a sheer coincidence.  It is the essence of our passion". (said of the beginning of Cheungvogl)

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Fresh and Fierce.

DSquared2 Pre-Fall/Winter 2012 Look-book

Tara Donovan- Sewing Pin art

Juicy (lighting) by Salto & Sigsaard
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Line in the Sand

Jim Deneven :: Sand Art

Far from the sand castles of childhood, Jim Deneven has captured the world of sand art with his beautiful, temporary installations.  What is most impressive is his command of scale and form and his ability to conceptualize the overall at a very early stage and carry through his intentions to the end.  Falling in line with a certain sense of romanticism, Deneven often completes his amazing compositions just moments before the tide rolls in to destroy them.

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To the Ladies


Do we really need another reason to act ridiculous?!  I think we all know the answer to this--YES! And it never hurts to get a little encouragement from brunette bombshell Jacquelyn Jablonski.  In this shoot by Miles Aldridge (love him!) for Vogue Italia, Jablonski plays the epitome of a an extravagant, sophisticated lady.  Brilliantly styled by Alice Gentilucci, and finished off with make-up by Lloyd Simmonds, this shoot lifts the idea of extravagance to new heights.  But she looks so fabulous doing it, you kind of want to be her friend.  Wouldn't you agree?

Photos by Miles Aldridge via Vogue Italia




Rui Grazina :: Private House
Barcelos, Portugal

Rui Grazina, the architect behind this private home design in Portugal, was focused on respecting the topological nature of the site while maintaining a modern, minimal aesthetic.  Nestled in the hills of Barcelos, the home emerges from a slope, creating a sense of intimacy and retreat.  The footprint of the structure was meant to account for both foot and motor traffic, so paths share a common vanishing point and destination.  Windows were strategically positioned in the rear in order to maximize the sense of privacy and capitalize on available views.  The minimalist aesthetic is carried through to the primarily black and white interior, framed perfectly by the architecture.  Shades of grey, an occasional wood floor, and pops of color in the furniture continue the dialogue between the indoor and outdoor space, where, in both cases, nature is always present.

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Alberto Seveso :: High Speed Photography

Today I'm appreciating the amazing work of Italian photographer and illustrator Alberto Seveso.  These images were produced by dropping colored varnishes into water-filled fish bowls.  The sensuous movement of the varnish through the water is captured via high speed photography.  The poetic tension of the two worlds colliding is a kind of beautiful disaster.

Sometimes things just need to be together.  So here's a little bit of love while you're enjoying the amazing pictures...

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Adrian Ray :: 'Unveiling the Process for the Client'

"We thrive on partnering with each of our clients to achieve our goals by illustrating specific characteristics and strengths through strategic research, strong and creative implications and successful results".  

So says the UK based branding and marketing firm Oneighty Creative of their transparent, open door approach.  And, in a creative photographic exploration 'Unveiling the Process to the Client' by Adrian Ray, they have attempted to demonstrate just that.

Organized chaos, neat-freak, process based, research intensive...how do you work?   


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Damion Madray :: Time-Lapse Photography

Stunning time-lapse photography like you've never seen....just a little mid-day delight!

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Today I'm headed to Lalaland in more ways than one...

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