While I have never claimed to be a strict minimalist, I do tend to gravitate toward interiors with less ornament.  There is something truly beautiful about spaces with crisp clean lines, layers of texture and loads of natural light.  A connection with nature is important and pops of color are strategically placed to enhance  the aforementioned qualities.  But there's something that you all should know---I love color, and I LOVE crazy.  Its true.  Many of my personal designs tend to juxtapose fluidity with strict geometry (stay tuned and I promise I will share some with you soon).  So, when I see a designer like Karim Rashid just going for it, I  have to applaud him.  So, here's a little sneak peak of what he's up to.  Love it or hate it, he's not apologizing and he's not holding back, so he gets my vote!

Kasa Digitalia :: Milan, 2008
Kasa Digitalia was designed to "capture the essence of multi-sensory living in our digital age".  The design and construction pushed the limits of high pressure laminate as a structural material.

You know Karim Rahid has GOT to be a master of persuasion.  I would love to be a fly on the wall when he is pitching his designs to a client.  Granted, he is definitely known for his rather "out there" aesthetic, but still...This diagram, I feel like, was one of the first things he should the client.  "As you can see, we're just going to do some splashes of color here, here and here...

And as the design went on..."We've expanded on the previously approved floor plan, and have begun working out many of the details and thinking about the finishes..."

This 3D model is somewhat accurate and very communicative of his intentions, so job well done by Karim, and hats off to the ballsy clients that were willing to go down this road.  Does this type of space work everywhere?  No, I don't think so.  But when it does, I'm sure it will prove to be an experience unlike any other!

Well, I feel MUCH better with that all off my chest.  Now everyone go eat a pound of chocolate or down a bottle of wine, so I don't feel so guilty ;)

Happy Weekend Everybody!  Get out and do something you love...even if it is a little crazy!!



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  1. great! Karim really pushed the limits.

    p.s.: love visiting your blog, Kat. Design, inspire, repeat...

    big hugs


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