Korean Pavillion :: Mass Studies
Shanghai Expo 2010

Patterning in architecture has always been a fascinating thing.  Humans are obsessed with symmetry and regularity, and make a point of calling out designs that are purposely not constructed in such a way as asymmetrical or organic.  But is there a point where a pattern or system of organization becomes too complex for us to read?  Enter the Korean Pavilion for the Shanghai Expo in 2010.  It's clear that there is some type of organizing principle present, but the architect has chosen to express this in less stringent regularity, allowing the building to simultaneously exist as both regular and organic.

The driving concept behind this design was the idea of permeation and convergence.  Culturally, Korea has had much outside influence(permeation) from China and Japan, mostly due to geometry.   

Mass Studies manipulated characters from the Korean alphabet to converge in a specific way to express space.

I can only imagine how this space would feel, but the level of interaction with finishes is likely unmatched!

It's as if the letters are telling some king of story as they articulate the form an fa├žade of the pavilion.

At night, the building seems to take on an entirely different personality!  Its amazing how lighting can completely transform the mood.

Simply a stunning formal expression of culture and history. 

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