Delicious Palette

Wouldn't you agree?

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Glem Offices

Glem Offices by Mareines + Patalano in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is defined by its odd location under a triangular end of a concrete stand for rowing competitions.

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Not Your Typical

Liquor Store.

Alko flagship store: Remake of a National Brand in Finland.  In Finland, Alko is a government owned company that has the sole right to alcoholic sales with exception of some wine (under 4.7% alc.) sold at Finnish wineries.  To celebrate its 75th Anniversary, Alko redesigned its identity and opened a flagship store in Helsinki.

The brief of the design was "to create a Scandinavian interior that would be functional, modern and stylish...the Flagship itself is contemporary, creating a sense of confidence, calmness, and security". [via]

Aleksi Hautamäki, the designer behind the Flagship store, specializes in interior environments designed with specific branding ideals in mind.  He faced many challenges with the building itself, as it was bombed during WWII, leaving many structural considerations, most notably the inaccessibility of the ceiling.

Another thing that Hautamäki had to keep in mind was the visibility of the liquor from the outside.  In Finland, you can't have hard liquor visible from the shop window.

It just goes to show you that design is everywhere.  And no matter what space you are given, there's always room for creativity and innovation.

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Look Up

To Paris for Inspiration!

Translation: 'Look Up at the Sky'

Clyfford Still, one of my absolute favorite painters...

Has been running around Paris and painting doors(look up)

Then back to the studio, and he's hard at work!

Ohhh the texture!  Its Paris again!  
He didn't do this, but I'm sure he would love it!

That's right, my darlings!  Look up!

Its a fabulous day to feel inspired! Join me, won't you?!

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Dorothy, We are NOT in Kansas...

Twister Restaurant by Sergey Makho and Vasiliy Butenko

I'm not sure if this is exactly what Auntie Em had in mind when she heard Dorothy screaming about a Twister, but there's one thing for sure about the Twister Restaurant in Kiev, its definitely from a different world!  With its key inspirations referencing the natural phenomenons of a tornado and rain, your eyes and mind never stop spinning and wondering how the heck they came up with this!

Sergey Makho and Vasiliy Butenko have completed residential projects in addition to their commercial spaces, but what's really interesting is their sculptural approach to interiors.  A warm color palette of beige, orchre, garnet, and brown extend throughout the interior, and the cushy seats are meant to represent cones.

The wood planks and thatched branch wall give the impression that you are secure inside a bird's nest, and makes the whole space feel seriously connected to nature....seriously.

The droplet-shaped pendants, meant to represent falling rain, cascade down from the ceiling and unite the double height restaurant and bar.

The fluidity of the architecture is a great complement to the overall concept of the space.  Occupants are swooped up by the curves of the booth creating an organic configuration and natural path of circulation.

But in case you have your doubts about this unique design, there's one thing's for sure---these cozy chairs could double as a chew toy, so I bet Toto would feel right at home :)



24-7 Loft

How was everyone's weekend? Relaxing I hope :) It was beautiful here in San Francisco, so I spent much of my time outside enjoying the weather, and searching for goodies for you of coarse!  Well, today you are in luck, because I have a very special treat to start the week off right and get you inspired for everything to come...

The 24-7 Loft by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associates in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a bungalow style oasis which focuses on incorporating the exterior environment within.

"Being inside feeling like one is outside. I believe that to be a key issue in understanding the interior design being produced today. In times when environmental awareness is growing, and, of course, also the desire to be close to nature." -Fernanda Marques

Can anyone see the Mies Van der Rohe in this home?  

The immense amount of light and use of natural materials create a soothing palette and a sense of spacial continuity.  High gloss furniture + limestone floor+ leather= ahhhhhh

The plush rug and upholstery make this bedroom feel so inviting and cozy, even though its nearly all wood and glass.  The light reflecting on the ceiling planks is pretty amazing too! And the pendant above the desk--yes, please!

I love the pattern and texture the books create with their slight tonal variation.  And look at the art--pretty cool, huh? And mis-matched nightstands...I am liking :)

Light, light, and more light!  What an amazing indoor/outdoor space.

And in case you were wondering, the back patio is just as amazing!  That sofa and fireplace are calling my name.  Thank you Fernanda! Let's start this week out right, and stay inspired, shall we? 

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Lisbon, Portugal

It is quite possible that Lisbon, Portugal has only one type of street lamp!  But they definitely make up for it with their unique use of color.  The black iron of the lamp really pops against the pastel palette.  There's something so very charming about this scene, isn't there?  Perfect for a Sunday stroll...

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, full of rest & relaxation and lots of fun! I can't wait to see what this week holds for everyone! Hugs :)

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Walk This Way

From the Theyskens' Theory Runway in New York 

to the rainy streets of London...

Rainbow Tunnel in London

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Couldn't Resist

I'm off to visit my lovely friend Anna at La Boheme,where I'm lucky enough to be guest posting while she is away on vacation, but before I dash off...

May I present Anja Konstantinova! She's an incredibly 
talented Aussie model who looks good in every color 
trust me! This outfit in particular immediately sent me
 into a design tizzy!  I got so excited, I decided to 
build her a house!

With just the right balance of comfort, glam, and edge.

And Kelly W. came over and gave her these fabulous 
chairs as a house warming present (above).  Which
reminded her of the ones she'd seen at the London 
Airport during one of her trips(below).  

As for the rest of the house, tons of light, wood, raw 
materials and greenery was all that was need to create 
the perfect space for Anja to relax after an exhausting 
day of toting around Gucci and just be fabulous in 

And after such a productive day, building a house and 
all,I thought nothing sounded more enticing than slipping 
into a comfortable chair to watch the sunset...

On the shores of Seine.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed 
the tour :) Have a lovely weekend!

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