Clyfford Still Museum :: Allied Works Architecture
Denver, CO

This project by Allied Works Architecture is especially close to my heart for a number of reasons.  First, Clyfford Still is one of my favorite painters!  The museum is also in Denver, my home town, so you could say that I'm a little partial.  But that aside, the architecture of the space is truly breathtaking in conjunction with the paintings.  Allied Works Architecture has created such a relaxing space that people have even been known to be found meditating within the museum walls.  Could you blame them though?  Natural light pours into the entire space through a custom concrete ceiling, that is, can you believe it---ONE piece! And that's just the beginning...


The custom walls that are found in most of the museum are meant to mimick the texture and depth that Still's paintings are so well known for.

The rhythm and repetition of the singular vertical element continues out to the multiple outdoor courtyards which overlook the Denver skyline.  These babies are the perfect breath of fresh air(literally) as you make your way through the gallery. 

Image via KAT+MUSE


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  1. love, love Clyfford Still's work. hugs and good wishes to you, Kat


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