Jacob Hashimoto :: Installations

Jacob Hashimoto's background in painting and print-making is quite evident in his intricate large scale installations.  The use of layering and repetition are essential in the creation of his massive works of art and unique spatial interventions.  The story behind these "kite works" is also quite interesting as they were an attempt by Hashimoto to work past a personal block and lack of inspiration.  By tirelessly creating the same object over and over again, Hashimoto realized that what he had been searching for was right at this finger tips.  The resulting larger-than-life installations have taken on a life of their own and now range from soft and playful to more graphic and bold.

The next six images are from Jacob Hashimoto's first solo internatioinal exhibit at the Ronchini Gallery in the UK.

More goodies from past exhibitions/installations...

Images [1&8-14, 2-7]


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